The Ultimate Guide to First Interview Questions

The Ultimate Guide to First Interview Questions

Your first Interview can make you anxious and nervous if you are not well prepared. While your dream job is waiting for you in your favorite company, there is one important obstacle that you need to concentrate on. Any guesses?

Yes, the interview!

Now, a lot of times, we set our mind to the age old practice of, the interviewer asking us questions and us answering them all and leaving. Unfortunately, the current work place scenario works differently. There are a lot of minute yet effective details that a recruiter looks for in an interview. And, No, we are not talking about just a firm handshake.

In addition to your conduct and confidence, asking a set of effective questions to the employer can be advantageous in two major ways. One, they look at you as the person who is interested and involved in their company’s growth. Secondly, you get to make a decision of whether this job will kick-start your career the right way.

Let’s look at these questions, right away!

1. What skill set suits the company the best?

This question gives you a better understanding of their expectations from you. Now, you can reassure them that you are apt for this company because you are familiar with these skills and believe to be good at them.

2. Will the company offer training?

This question will not only assure them that you are interested in increasing your knowledge for the betterment of the company but you actually get to learn the essentials before starting your big project.

3. Can I get a brief insight on my potential team?

Here, you are confident by saying ‘my potential team’, which means you are confident about getting the job. Interestingly, your tricky question will be taken positively by the employer. Also, you will get to know about the people who you will be interacting with, on a day-to-day basis.

4. Can you tell me about a brief strategy planned for the growth of the organization?

This question helps you set your mind on what they will be expecting from you. With the research that you have done about the company, you can slip in a new project mentioned on their website and show them you are interested.

5. How does this company measure and recognize the employees’ growth?

Here you will get to know where you will be standing in the company and what are the metrics that you need to concentrate on for growth. This will also give them a sneak peek of your ambitious nature.

6. What do you enjoy the most about working here?

This question can get you on a personal and a friendly level with the employer. Also, you will get to know the work and work culture in brief.

7. What would be my short term and long term goals here?

You come out as an organized and systematic person with an intention of helping the company grow bigger and helping yourself grow, professionally.

8. What will be the next process, Mr.X/Ms. X?

Here, you are forcing the interviewer subtly, to give you insights on the way your first interview went and you can then make a decision accordingly. 

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